Thursday, October 16, 2008

Glamour - I has it!

I finished my turban. Here I am posing in front of our 1946 poster exhorting americans to buy war bonds. The poster is the same age as our house - and not far off the date of the pattern.

The pattern is this one from the V&A knitting pattern collection. Christina, of course, has an original version of the pattern...but as it happened I knitted it from the pdf on the museum web site.

The yarn is Jojoland melody, and the hat took 1.5 balls. I knitted it on 3.25mm needles. The only modification to the pattern was to knit only 9 of the 10 short-row sections on the cap, and actually it would fit me better if I had knitted only 8 of them.

I am pretty sure I will actually wear this hat: the colours, and I think the style suit me. I am wearing it quite far back on my head in these photos but it also pulls down over the ears and the bandeau is warm over the ears.... ideal for skiing.

I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this; it was quick but an interesting knit and I'm pleased with the outcome. Please do not tell me that I look like Ena Sharples ...she wore a hairnet!


Anonymous said...

You don't look like Ena Sharples at all.... dear me, no no...
more like Hilda Ogden I think...

In 1946 the Hilda character would have been 22 years old (less than half Ena's age) - and in my opinion, (at odds with wikipedia), she was not in the same battle-axe mould at all.
And, of course, I should be referring to them as Mrs Sharples and Mrs Ogden. Tut tut. Whatever next!

spinnity said...

Catching up on blog posts from long ago... I have just seen your turban. I'm in wuv. Suits you very nicely.