Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Klaralund complete

I finished my Klaralund sweater and I thinkI'm more pleased with this than I have been with any sweater for a while. Of course the lovely Silk Garden yarn helps, but the fit and style of this make it a really wearable garment...or at least I think it will be wearable once fall arrives here!

I started knitting this in the UK on vacation, and had finished the knitting before I came back - so total knitting time less than a month. I lightly steam pressed the pieces before sewing it together. Although the knitting is mostly stockinette I dont seem to get bored of knitting it in the lovely colours. The sides have actually matched up pretty well although I made no effort to match them. I did have concerns about the horizontal stripes, but I chose a more delicate colour of the Silk Garden to minimize the stripiness, and I think that worked well.

Details: The pattern is Klaralund from the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Book Number 2. The pattern comes with an errata which I found rather confusing because although there are additional sizes, they are replacements for the original sizes rather than additions. I actually knitted a combination of the 41" and 42" sizes. The pattern is really straightforward and easily lends itself to modifications.

The yarn is Silk Garden in colour 268 and used a tad over 11 balls (rather than the 12 called for in the pattern). I seamed with sock yarn as the Silk Garden is rather breakable. I spit spliced the joins so no ends to weave in.

A resounding thumbs-up for this sweater.


Anonymous said...

ooo ooo
it's great!
I was back in JL at the weekend (!) and caressing the Noro yarns......

Anonymous said...

It's very nice and looks great on you. Pattern and yarn work well together.