Friday, November 09, 2007

Little bear

When Christina was visiting, at her suggestion, we made bears for the Mother Bear project. Mine, the knitted one, on the left, Christina's crochet bear to the right.

Its a nice sounding small-scale charity, but we were both appalled at the patterns that were provided for the bears. The construction was odd (both bears knitted/crochet in one piece from toes up to head and back to toes. There was no gauge suggested and the pattern was an odd mix of row numbers and inches... but don't let that put you off.... the odd pattern would be easy even for a beginning knitter, and the bears only took an evening to create. I also think they both came out really cute whatever the pattern limitations...and that is what counts.

So, please, if you have a free evening, and the inclination, please look up

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Anonymous said...

lovely bears! that is a really nice charity to help-
thanks for your comment about boy cat!