Friday, May 26, 2006


Yesteday was Adam's preschool graduation, and also his last day at preshool. They make a big deal about this sort of thing and there was a are Adam's class singing "Its a Small World". In fact, except for 2 girls singing loudly we would not have know what they were singing as none of the boys appeared to know anything more than the chorus.
There was a short ceremony where the teacher (Jessie) handed out certificates and read a short item about each child. One thing they had been asked was what they wanted to be when they grew up, this demonstrated a clear gender divide. The girls wanted to be Dentist, Vet, Engineer, and mommy (although there was one aspiring RockStar!). They boys? Well, construction worker, police officer, scuba diver and snowboarder (our boy).
After the ceremony there was a party for the children and parents, assorted grandparents etc with pizza and cake, and goody bags for the graduates.

We took both boys out for a celebratory dinner that evening. We tried out what looks a fairly uninteresting restaurant next to Wholefoods, to discover that it was actually rather fancy. The boys stepped up to the occasion.

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