Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ferretworld world tour (well England)

Here is Ned - he arrived on May 14th. He is just as cute in the flesh...and we were glad to be there for first cuddles.

While we were in the UK we did lots of exciting things:

A boat trip around Portsmouth Harbour with M&F

A visit to Birdworld with Nancy,

Holycombe Steam Fair with Thomas and Elliot,

Finkley Down Farm with Nancy, Flossie, and Ned,

As well as numerous other adventures, including the Dinosaur exhibit at the Natural History museum with Nanny, and some shopping.

We saw the best of an English spring:

...and a typical english spring...

We made some new friendships:

and we made the acquaintance of some very new friends;


Gilly said...

Lovely collection of photos from your world tour!

muriel said...

hi alison
what a beautiful album. it make sme miss europe very much! ( not the rainy days though!)
your sister looked very happy, and little Ned very chubby for a first born, nice cheeks Ned!
thank you for sharing that with me
love Mu