Thursday, April 05, 2012

Two made things

I have Fin here modeling 2 made items:  The waistcoat I made him for Christmas with the intent that he should be able to wear it to the Maker Faire.  Last year at the Faire we saw lots of people dressed up: in all kinds of steampunk/vaguely victorian/costume wear and Fin was especially taken to see some boys dressed up.  At the time he asked if I could make him something special to wear and here it is:

The pattern is McCalls M6229 view F without the pockets or back strap. Its made in a black/red wool tweed that I bought somewhere online. The pattern is so simple that it probably took me less than an hour to make.  I chose 4 mis-matched gold metal buttons for a slightly steampunk look.  We was delighted and especially pleased to wear it with the striped tie that Santa bought him.

Fin is also modelling another finished item: legwarmers:

I decided I needed some legwarmers for the purely practical purpose of keeping my legs warm (duh) while working at home. I have wool slippers so wool socks as well is somewhat overkill - hence the legwarmers.
I used the free Mellow legwarmers pattern knitted in black cascade 220.  The pattern uses almost the entirety of one skein.

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