Thursday, March 29, 2012

Te Papa

Nigel came back from New Zealand in November with the perfect name for our cabin: "Te Papa" is the name of the Museum of New Zealand in Wellington and means 'our place'. I decided that the cabin needed an actual name plate so bought a cheap pyrography kit from Amazon and had a go at making one myself.

As well as the cabin name it also has symbols for us all. From left to right: whiskers for Charlotte, a fish hook for Fin, knitting needles for me, a downhill snowboard for Adam, and bike wheels for Nigel.

It was fun to do, and not too difficult, although I found straight lines easier than curved ones. I managed to make this sign without setting anything on fire or burning myself so I think that counts as a 'win'.  I varnished the plaque with a matte varnish and it's now mounted by the front door.  I can't think of anything else I need a pyrography kit for now - anyone need a wooden plaque??

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christina said...

That's really great!
I'll get the spindle blanks ready...