Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Its that time of year again: We went to Castle Rock Christmas Tree Farm again, but this time they were only harvesting White Fir - so in addition to choosing a nice tree, we had to select only from the white firs (and also identify one!).  This is the tree we chose, and Adam and Fin cut it down.

It appears that white firs are a more dense wood than Douglas Fir, and it was hard to cut, and also heavy.  As the trunk was almost sawn through Fin said he would hold the tree while the final cut was made. This photo taken just as he was saying "I've got it!"...

 This was the tree they had their eyes on..luckily it's not a White Fir - so we were not able to harvest it.

The eagle eyed will notice that Fin is wearing 2 different checked clothes items and a pink cashmere scarf...apparently it was colder than he expected...

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