Saturday, May 01, 2010

Off the needles: Buttercup

I finished the Buttercup top. This was knitted in Garnstudio Drops Silke Tweed yarn that I got from Duncan for Christmas.

I am not thrilled with the outcome this project: the neckline is very wide and I knitted several decrease rows across the back neck - it is still too wide to wear without a t-shirt underneath. And of course it's also too low-cut to wear without a t-shirt. The yarn grew in length quite considerably during blocking - and I may try to block it again to tighten the stitches. The yarn is lovely, quite nubbly, and knitted at this tension it's very drapey - possibly too drapey.

I think if I knitted this again I would knit an even smaller size to get a better width across the neck and shoulders, and would not pick up any stitches at the underarms. I already knit a size smaller than I would normally chose because of the width at the shoulders - but I think this is a perennial issue with top-down raglan construction. It would be better with narrower shoulders and short-row bust shaping on me.

So - on balance, a nice pattern, but in need of more customization for me. I will see how much I wear the tunic and maybe re-block. Otherwise the yarn might be destined to become something else!

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