Friday, November 10, 2006

Sea life

On Thursday I went with Adam's class to Monterey Bay Aquarium.
We had a glorious day - often the weather is better at the coast in the winter than it is in the summer - yesterday was no exception.

We had an hour in the Discovery Lab with a lecturer. The theme was "Habitats" and it was very informative. (I didn't previously know how starfish digest their food*).There were lots of hands-on exhibits; we got to feed a sea cucumber, stroke a sea urchin and a starfish, and pet hermit crabs. Here I am helping Adam and James Glenn with the crabs.

After the hour-long school program we had an hour to visit the other exhibts. We saw the sea otters being fed, then visited the great white shark . The shark was predictably the big attraction.

It was an early start as we arrived at school at 7am, so when we got home at 2:30 we were both exhausted.

* they extrude their stomach through their mouth and surround the food to digest it. The lecturer had a great stuffed model of a starfish to demonstrate.

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Anonymous said...

I also did not know how starfish digest their food, but always suspected it was disgusting.

I am very fond of the aquarium; we were there (on our first mini-assignment in San Jose) when it first opened its doors in September 1984. I regret now that I did not visit at that time - Robert went on an outing during the week with his retiree friends, while I was working.